Past events

August 13th: Instow Community on show


11am – Instow Beach Service
Please bring your own chair

12-4pm – Village Hall Show
Children and adult amateur competitions in baking, crafts, garden flowers, vegetables, soft fruits, paintings, drawings, photography and creative writing. Exhibition of work from Instow Community School plus delicious savouries, teas & cakes will be provided by Instow & Yelland WI.

Beach Events

How to enter the Village Hall Show

Register your entries at the Village Hall between 5:30pm and 7:30pm on Saturday, 12th August 2023. Perishable items should be received and registered between 9 – 9:30am on Sunday,13th August 2023. This year’s theme is celebrating the Coronation.

Entrance fees for exhibits – Free entry for Children / £2 per entry Adults.


Section A – Children’s Art & Crafts
A1: Pre-school – A crown
A2: 5 – 8 years – Coronation, any medium, no larger than A4
A3: 9 – 11 years – Coronation, any medium no larger than A4

Section B – Cookery
Unless otherwise stated, all items should be displayed on a plain paper plate appropriate for the size of the item.
B1: Pre-school – 3 biscuits, can be people or animals
B2: Up to 11 years – 4 Cupcakes
B3: 12-15 years – Decorated sponge cake (20 cm diameter)

B4: Fruitcake (approx 20cm)
B5: Victoria jam sponge (approx 20cm)
B6: 4 plain scones
B7: Freestyle cake (any shape or size – your best showstopper creation. Go mad!)
B8: Homemade loaf of white bread, 1lb (approx. 450 gr)
B9: Any specialty bread (e.g. sourdough, focaccia, ciabatta, rye)
B10: Jar of fruit jam
B11: Jar of fruit marmalade
B12: Jar of chutney or pickle– any flavour

Section C – Garden Flowers

C1: 4-11 years – A selection of garden flowers in a glass jar
C2: 4-11 years – A miniature garden in a seed tray
C3: 4-11 years – A glass jar (not a vase) of wild flowers

Adults (Containers are to be plain glass and as small as possible.)
C4: 5 Sweet peas
C5: 5 Roses
C6: An arrangement of cut flowers not to exceed 46 cm in diameter
C7: A glass jar (not a vase) of wild flowers and grasses

Section D – Vegetables & Fruits
All entries to be presented on plain paper plates.
D1: 4 -11 years – Vegetable/fruit King or Queen
D2: 4 potatoes
D3: 3 carrots with tops
D4: 4 onions grown
D5: 6 runner beans
D6: 5 pods of broad beans
D7: 3 beetroot
D8: 5 tomatoes – on the vine
D9: 5 tomatoes – off the vine
D10: 2 courgettes
D11: 1 cucumber
D12: Bunch of various herbs presented in a glass jar
D13: Giant vegetable
D14: Soft fruits of your choice

Section F – Photography
Photographs must have been taken in the last 12 months. Not mounted or framed. 15cm x 10cm
F1: Children 4-9 years – Animal
F2: Children 10-18 – Animal


Section G – Artwork – Young Adults 11-18years and Adults
G1: Coronation memories
Artworks must have been completed in the last 12 months. There is no restriction on medium i.e. watercolour, oil, pastel, pencil or ink sketches, fabric artwork, collages, crafting etc. Maximum size of artwork is 60 cm by 75 cm. The entrant’s name, age (if young adult 11-18yrs ) and artwork title should be displayed on the back. If the artwork is for sale, the price should be displayed on the front. There may be a selection if too many entries are received. A voluntary donation of 10% of the selling price to the Community on Show funds would be appreciated. Work can be collected any time between 4-4.30pm on show day. A maximum of two entries per person please!

Section H – Creative writing
Poem or Prose (If prose, no more than 250 words) – Works must have been completed in the last 12 months. Each entry is to be on one sheet of A4 paper either typed or handwritten. The entrants name is not to appear on the front or back. Please send your entries by Sunday 30th July 2023 to Michael Champion, Riverside Cottage, 1, Elm Terrace, Instow, EX39 4HR.
Children 4 – 11 Years Topic
H1:Red, White and Blue (poem or prose) or Acrostic of CORONATION
Young Adult & Adult Topic
H2: Continue either as poem or prose
The summer sun shines like diamonds on our rising tide …

We look forward to receiving your entries for this fun village show.
Please collect your entries between 4-5pm